Union of Utrecht

The Union of Utrecht of Old Catholic Churches is the communion to which we belong. Founded in 1889, the Union is made up of several national churches in continental Europe, representing Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Poland, with dependencies and missions in Croatia, France, Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

The Union is led by an International Bishops' Conference (IBC), chaired by the Archbishop of Utrecht and meeting annually. The IBC, however, is a coordinating and not a legislative body; member churches are autonomous.

The churches of the Union of Utrecht are episcopal in nature, and as a basic principle believe that a church can no more be without a bishop than a bishop can be without a church. On this basis, the bishops represent their respective churches, and form the links between them. The IBC serves to form joint witness to the challenges of today.

For more information about the Union of Utrecht, please visit their website.