Anglican Communion

We have been in full communion with Anglicans since 1931 under the terms of the Bonn Agreement. We take part in Anglican bodies such as the Lambeth Conferences and the Anglican Consultative Council, and maintain relations with Anglican churches around the world.

In 2007, we were delighted to have celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Bonn Agreement in Freiburg, attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

We also are represented as observers in Anglican bodies within Germany, such as the Convocation of Anglican/Episcopal Churches in Germany (CAECG). Anglican observers also attend our meetings and conferences. At the local level, in cities where there are both Anglican and Old Catholic parishes, joint services and shared church buildings are commonplace. Our common faith and shared communion enriches our lives.

Old Catholics and Anglicans also work together to deepen our relationship in the Willibrord Society.

In areas where there is no Anglican chaplaincy, but there is an Old Catholic parish, Anglicans are welcomed as full members of our parishes, with the same rights and privileges as Old Catholics.

If you are an Anglican visiting Germany, we invite you to join us for worship at any of our local parishes.